Personalised Training Sessions

Sign up for a free personal training session with one of Minesoft’s friendly support team members. Simply register for the topics of interest in the form below and someone will be in touch soon to arrange a virtual meeting at a time that suits you.

These informal training sessions provide a chance for you to ask as many questions as you would like and to help you make the most of the PatBase platform!

Topic Description Estimated Time
Sharing your patent discoveries Share records using the PatBase export wizard or publish a link. Deliver custom reports with extensive export options. 30 mins
Deep dive into patent citations Explore the wondrous web of citations in Citation Explorer and pinpoint your citation search in PatBase. 30 mins
Interpret foreign language patents Navigate global patent data in foreign languages by translating search keywords and including the machine translations supplied in PatBase. Understand the original language and machine translation data indexed. 20 mins
Become a PatBase search language expert Enhance your patent search strategy with our top tips for searching with PatBase search language. 30 mins
Navigating legal status events with ease Optimise your patent legal status search in PatBase with the command line and filtering by Dead/Alive. Review detailed legal status data in the Legal Information Browser. 30 mins
Stay informed with PatBase alerts Learn the best practices of setting up PatBase alerts and searching for on the fly updates to strategically monitor technology fields and competitors. 20 mins
Bring to light additional patents with advanced search tools Employ all available search tools to build a comprehensive search strategy. Take a closer look at the Browse Index, Corporate Tree, Classification Finder, Thesaurus, Upload Script, and more tools. 20 mins

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